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31 Days of Donations!

Is it possible for 15 people to raise over $25,000 in just 31 days? We decided to find out! When you think of the month of March, most people think of college basketball. People across the country root for their team and watch closely to see if they make it to the finals. Wanting to harness that same excitement, but for the USTA/MTEF’s mission of offering tennis and education opportunities to youth and players with disabilities, that goal sparked the beginning of an initiative called “March Matchness”.

March Matchness is a fundraising event that takes place between March 1st and 31st and is intended to be a competition between the USTA/MTEF Board of Directors while fostering a culture of enthusiasm through some friendly rivalry. Why is it called March “Matchness”? Thanks to a generous, private donor, each dollar we receive during March is matched up to $25,000. Whoever raises the most funds wins! Although...the true winners are players who benefit from the donations we receive.

When you hear about most nonprofits, you may know what they do or read about a celebrity who endorses them, however, you rarely learn much about the leadership behind the scenes. Boards of Directors for nonprofits have a range of responsibilities. They can play a notable role in governing an organization, determining its strategic direction, setting policies, and supporting its collective vision.

Our Board volunteers their time to join calls, attend meetings, and help at events in their communities, but most importantly, they elevate our organization to new heights. Their passion and connection to our mission influences others, making them natural fundraisers. They know just how impactful these donations can be and so are eager to make our goal of raising $25,000 in 31 days a reality.

March Matchness has turned out to be one of the largest fundraising events of the year for MTEF! In 2021, we raised $26,260 and this year we exceeded that number with $28,270! Thanks to our generous “matcher", the total donations for March 2022 are a whopping $53,270!

Wanting to keep this momentum going for 2023, we are on the hunt for a new sponsor/donor to “do the match.” It could be a special individual, family, corporation, or combination of them all. If you have any interest in stepping up to take the challenge, we want to hear from you. Our Foundation Board has proven their passion to deliver on fundraising and supporting what we do and how we impact the community. Be a part of the Matchness! Please contact Elizabeth Dickison, USTA/Midwest Tennis & Education Foundation Director of Development, for additional information at (317) 669-0475 or


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