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TMYL's Ongoing Impact in Lansing

Since its founding in 1994 by former professional tennis player Todd Martin, Todd Martin Youth Leadership (TMYL) has been dedicated to empowering young people from under-resourced families and communities in Lansing, Michigan. Through innovative tennis, education, life skills, and leadership development programs, TMYL prepares youth for success as individuals and responsible citizens. 

In 2023, TMYL made a significant impact, serving 5,337 youth in Lansing. This included providing 17,723 hours of physical activity and 3,805 hours of tutoring, contributing to the overall well-being and academic success of these young individuals. 

TMYL continues to offer year-round programming, focusing on sports, academics, and life skills. Their partnership with the Lansing School District is a cornerstone of their efforts, augmenting the district's physical education program and providing additional opportunities for students. This includes lunchtime tennis programs in elementary schools, after-school tennis instruction, academic tutoring, and life skills programming. 

Research shows that after-school programs, like those offered by TMYL, can increase self-confidence, improve cognitive abilities, and enhance skills such as goal setting, self-discipline, and teamwork. The Afterschool Alliance highlights the significant return on investment of such programs, with every dollar invested potentially saving at least $3 through increased earning potential, improved school performance, and higher self-esteem among participants. 

The partnership between TMYL and the Lansing School District's Student Development Program is a testament to their commitment to youth development. TMYL will provide program support in tennis instruction, wellness, and life skills to at least 150 students, helping them excel in various aspects of their lives. By engaging older youth both on and off the tennis court, TMYL aims to equip them with skills that will benefit them academically, socially, and emotionally. 

One of TMYL's key objectives is to increase participation in tennis among middle and high school students, particularly young females. Studies show that 45% of females drop out of sports by the age of 14, highlighting the need for programs like TMYL to encourage continued participation. TMYL's efforts are especially relevant in the Lansing School District, where there is interest in tennis but not enough female players to form full teams. Through their partnership with the Student Development Program, TMYL hopes to cultivate a lasting interest in tennis among middle school students, paving the way for increased participation in high school and beyond. 

TMYL's impact extends far beyond the tennis court, enriching the lives of Lansing's youth and providing them with the tools they need to succeed in all aspects of life. 



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