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Children Are Our Future

With three kids trying to get schoolwork done with one computer has definitely been a challenge. I am so grateful, and I look forward to our days running more smoothly with having the tablet to get work done. Thank you so much for not only caring about my children’s tennis skills, but their education also.” -Parent of a Child at Opportunity Tennis Academy

Across the country, many parents can identify with this testimonial; they understand just how hard eLearning has been. It is not easy to teach at home, especially when you do not have the background, technology, or resources. As a parent, the eLearning process can be a daunting and overwhelming task unless you can find the right help. The Executive Director of Opportunity Tennis

Academy, Lynette Cain is one of those wonderful people who has provided help in this area to those in her community.

“A huge thanks to the USTA MTEF for providing our Advantage Cleveland with tablets. We were able to reach our after-school kids and continue our program in a virtual setting because of these tablets! Our Zoom sessions with first through fourth graders have been awesome (and hilarious)!! Thanks for all of your support for our kids during a pretty tough time.” - Liz Deegan from Advantage Cleveland NJTL

Opportunity Tennis Academy is one of the many USTA/Midwest Tennis and Education’s

National Junior Tennis & Learning (NJTL)chapters. NJTL chapters are nonprofit

organizations that offer tennis and education at no cost to underserved and disadvantaged youth throughout the Midwest Section. From day one of the COVID-19 crisis, they have been offering educational support to students who lacked technological resources. Education, however, is not an NJTL chapter’s only charge, they also provide social support and mental health development for the children and families they serve. Especially during this critical time as our states reopen, there are fewer safe places for youth to go.

“The thing I love about the USTA is they live their mission in supporting the people who are on the front lines.” -Pat Wiley from Inform Yourself Youth Development NJTL

The USTA/Midwest Tennis & Education Foundation asks for your partnership in supporting the NJTL chapters located within our communities here in the Midwest Section. Your support of $25 will enable USTA/Midwest NJTL chapters to purchase tablets to share for eLearning curriculum as well as racquets and balls for each child, and all items necessary to run their 2020 summer and fall programs in a smaller class per court format. Read more about each NJTL Chapter by CLICKING HERE. Please consider partnering with us to support our local NJTL Chapters as they continue to provide tennis and education to at-risk youth. DONATE NOW.

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