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The Ripple Effect

When Ryan Whipple commenced the very first Anne Krupp Memorial Youth Tennis Clinic in 2016, he was unaware of how powerful its ripple effect would be. Anne was passionate about tennis, coaching and sportsmanship and so Ryan created the clinic with two goals in mind: honor Anne Krupp’s legacy and expose more kids to tennis. The cost for participation is free, but there is a suggested $5 donation towards the Anne Krupp Memorial Scholarship. He didn’t know that three years into the clinic, he’d be serving over 20 children, providing some with private lessons and sending a $230 check to the USTA Midwest Tennis & Education Foundation for Anne’s scholarship. Their contribution, which Ryan thought of more as a gesture in Anne’s honor than anything, ended up being almost enough to provide one additional player with a scholarship.

That’s the power of the ripple effect; you aren’t often aware of how big an impact your actions can make. Most donors don’t get to witness the smile on a player’s face when he/she finds out that attending an adaptive tennis camp is a reality. Or the relief that washes over parents’ faces when they discover travel expenses are covered for the next tournament. Or the pure joy on a child’s face that holds a racquet for the first time. These are all experiences that can solidify a tennis player’s lifelong foundation in the game and these are all experiences that are made possible by donors like YOU.

You don’t have to establish a new tennis clinic like Ryan to have a ripple effect on the tennis community; you can trigger a ripple effect simply by making a donation to the USTA Midwest Tennis & Education Foundation. Please make your gift online today at or by using the form below to do more of what we’ve always done: Change lives for the better through tennis.

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