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Junior Players Represent USTA/Midwest in USTA Team Competitions

Each year the USTA holds four National Junior Team Championships where high performance players from each of the 17 Sections compete as teams. The teams selected to represent USTA/Midwest currently receive financial support from the Midwest Youth Tennis & Education Foundation. Following are the 2015 results, list of players who represented USTA/Midwest, and comments from our coaches about this year's competitions.

USTA Intersectionals Boys’ and Girls’ 16 - July 4-8 in Shreveport, La. Results: Our Midwest squad finished third in this team event. Coach: Mark Faber Players: Jacob Edelchik, Lukas Greif, Jabril Nettles, Josh Mukerjee, Dalayna Hewitt, Meg Kowalski, Alyvia Jones and Elysia Bolton. Coach Mark Faber commented: " Our Midwest team was comprised of outstanding individuals. The team entered the tournament as the 8th seed, and not only held their seed they surpassed it. On the way to finishing in 3rd place, we defeated USTA/Pacific Northwest, Hawaii, Southern (the 2nd seed) and Northern California (the 4th seed). The only loss came as a 5-4 loss to the very talented team from Southern California. The Midwest's Lukas Greif was awarded the tournament's boys sportsmanship award at the awards banquet. This team was a very special group for the bond that they created during the week was a major reason they were able to perform at that level. They came together and played each match for each other and the USTA/Midwest Section. It was a honor to coach this group of young players!"

USTA Intersectionals Boys’ and Girls’ 14 - July 4-8 in Auburn, Ala. Our Midwest squad finished fifth in this team event. Coach: Ernie Katko Players: Daniel Sharygin, Robert Cash, Anand Saluja, Andrew Zhang, Briana Crowley, Peyton Stearns, Lahari Yelamanchili and and Anika Yarlagadda.

Coach Ernie Katko stated: "We had a strong team representing USTA/Midwest as well as themselves at this event. The talent on the court and the team spirit off the court was outstanding. This event is a great team and competitive experience for the players."

USTA National Team Championships Boys’ 18 – July 26-29 in Champaign, Ill. Results: Our Midwest squad finished third in this team event. Coach: Paul MacDonald Players: Jake Van Emburgh, David Horneffer, Asher Hirsch, Johnathan Small, Vincent Lin, Alex Ross and Nathan Griffin.

Coach Paul MacDonald commented: "Our Boys’ 18 Midwest squad finished third which is the ninth straight Top 3 finish. The final match was an exciting 4 to 3 Midwest victory clinched by Jonathan Small of Zionsville, Indiana, in a third set tiebreak. The team was led by MVP Vincent Lin of Schaumburg, Illinois, and by the team leader in victories David Honeffer of Brookfield, Wisconsin. The boys showed tremendous fight and support for their teammates, and I am proud to have coached another strong group of well-developed players."

USTA National Team Championships Girls’ 18 – July 26-29 in Claremont, Calif. Results: Our Midwest squad finished third in this team event. Coach: Marcy Hendricks Players: Sara Daavatila, Brienne Minor, Lauren Goodman, Isabella Lorenzini, Alyvia Jones, Meg Kowalski and Michelle Linden. Coach March Hendricks stated: "Our team came together as I knew we had a team full of fighters, and these are comeback kids! We were seeded fourth and finished third out of 16 teams. Our girls fought for every point, and cheered one another on the entire time. Off the court, they bonded as a team, and I could see each day how the closeness and the feeling of the team was showing up on the court."

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