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Apply for MY Gift to Kids Tennis Initiative - Raise Money for Your Junior Program

The Midwest Youth Tennis & Education Foundation (MYTEF) is conducting its MY Gift to Kids Tennis initiative in an effort to raise awareness and support for local youth tennis programs. The 2014 initiative raised a record $28,443, and benefited youth tennis programs across the USTA/Midwest Section.

Organizations located in the USTA/Midwest Section may apply to be considered for participation in the 2015 MY Gift to Kids Tennis initiative. The deadline to submit an application is August 15, and organizations may either complete the application online or complete an electronic version of the application. One organization from each USTA/Midwest District may be selected to participate in this year’s initiative.

Organizations will be notified by September 1 whether they have been selected to participate in the 2015 MYTEF MY Gift to Kids Tennis initiative which will launch on October 1. MYTEF will provide bonus money to the four organizations which raise the most money between October 1 and 31 as follows: $1,000 to the first place organization, $500 to the second place organization, $300 to the third place organization, and $200 to the fourth place organization.

MY Gift to Kids Tennis helps encourage local fundraising efforts by community organizations offering youth tennis programs throughout the USTA/Midwest. This is a pathway to inject new funding to a deserving program in the local area. MY Gift to Kids Tennis is in its fourth year: $8,656 was raised in 2012, $19,356 was raised in 2013, and $28,443 was raised in 2014.

How to Access and Complete MY Gift to Kids Tennis Application

Requirements for Organizations Selected for MY Gift to Kids Tennis

  • Organization and its program must not be currently administered by a USTA/Midwest District or a foundation associated with the District.

  • Current USTA Organization Membership is needed.

  • Organization should have experience in fundraising as selected organization will need to raise money for its selected program and must be comfortable asking for donations from individuals, companies, etc.

  • Organization should provide tennis opportunities to all youth from all cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

  • Organization commits to using its resources to raise $1,000 minimum in contributions towards its program with a goal of $2,000 or more.

  • Organization should promote and develop youth tennis as an enjoyable, lifetime sport that contributes to good health, leadership, education, discipline, and self-esteem.

  • Organization should focus on creating positive environments for at-risk youth.

  • Organization should help youth reach their highest potential in tennis and education.

  • Organizations which participated and were the top winner in the 2012, 2013 and 2014 MY Gift to Kids Tennis Initiative are eligible to participate this year, but are not eligible for additional bonus money from MYTEF.

Assistance and Incentives Provided by MYTEF to Selected Organizations for MY Gift to Kids Tennis

  • Marketing/Promotion package which includes customized flyer, press release, video, text/content for program website, text for email promotion, and social media promotion text.

  • Promotion on USTA/Midwest and MYTEF websites, publicity via USTA/Midwest and MYTEF email campaigns, and marketing via USTA/Midwest and MYTEF social media channels

  • The top four organizations which generate the most donations during the initiative will receive an additional $1,000, $500, $300 and $200 bonus respectively from MYTEF.

Do you have questions regarding the MY Gift to Kids Tennis initiative and/or the application? Please contact Kathy Dalla Costa at 317-669-0465 or via email at

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