Founded in 1992 as the charitable arm of the USTA/Midwest Section, the USTA/Midwest Tennis & Education Foundation (formerly Midwest Youth Tennis & Education Foundation) has been supporting communities, programs and individuals to provide greater educational opportunities for youth.

Focus on NJTL

The National Junior Tennis and Learning Network (NJTL) are non-profit organizations that offer free or low-cost tennis and education programming to children in under-resourced communities across the Midwest Section.  These chapters focus on academic enrichment, life skills, leadership and of course tennis.   They find creative ways to gain and hold the attention of young people with the hopes of teaching them the importance of character, getting an education, and becoming productive citizens.  


The COVID-19 pandemic has had a strong negative impact on so many, but none more so than our youth. Tens of thousands of youth across the Midwest have not only had their sport and play experiences disrupted by the pandemic, but have also lost the chance to connect with the community offered by our organizations, including mentors/coaches and peers. We know that the services provided to youth through these programs are imperative to their development and eventual success as individuals. Read more about what these NJTL Chapters are doing in our News feed HERE.  You can also find out what each NJTL chapter is doing in their community HERE

To provide tennis opportunities to all from all cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

To support programs that focus on creating positive environments for at-risk youth.

To help youth reach their highest potential in tennis and education.

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“Our program received a $4,500 grant which we used to help pay the instructors. During the past four years our program has reached more than 1,000 children focusing on five components: tennis instruction/play, wellness, literacy, fitness, and poetry slam."

Inner City Tennis | Cleveland, Ohio

“Our organization received a $3,000 grant which enabled us to hire a program director and adequate staff to provide a high quality tennis program for our participants."

Love to Serve | Chicago, Illinois

“I love playing tennis and want to play more, but my family cannot afford for me to play as much as I would like without assistance.  I have received three Foundation grants which have helped pay for lessons and tournaments." 

Canaan Sellers | Rockville, Illinois

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