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Today’s Youth Reimagining Tennis for Everyone

“I am just an African American playing a rich person’s sport.” - Ibrahim K. from Inner City Tennis Project, Age 17

Ibrahim is just one of over 8,500 kids in the Midwest Section who were introduced to tennis through National Junior Tennis and Learning (NJTL) program. NJTLs use tennis to encourage kids to be active while integrating education and leadership skills. Often an NJTL brings tennis to a community which may not otherwise have access to this great sport.

Ibrahim looks at his own life differently since he became a tennis player:

“To play tennis seriously, you need financial stability and dedication. With the help of the Inner City Tennis Project, kids from less fortunate families have the opportunity to find something that not just passes the time but can help them out in the future. Seeing how much of an impact just one program can make, I want to fight for more diversity in the game of tennis. My family never had the money to pay for practice at clubs and that’s one reason tennis needs to be revamped. I am just an African American playing a rich person’s sport. When it comes to communities inflicted by poverty, there are many basketball courts and players on them but not so much tennis. I want to change that stereotype…I would love to fight for equal opportunities to be successful with any financial background for the game of tennis like the Inner City Tennis Project did for me.”

There are 32 NJTL chapters in the Midwest Section. Every program combines a passion for kids with a passion for tennis. Your financial support is needed to keep these programs engaged with communities throughout the Midwest. Ibrahim is right, we need to “change the stereotype” of tennis. You can help make that possible.

Join Ibrahim and help reimagine tennis for everyone by donating to the USTA/Midwest Tennis & Education Foundation

To read more about the Inner City Tennis Project please visit


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