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The Power of the Ripple Effect: Five Years Later

This month we are sharing the inspiring story of a dedicated teacher, Ryan Whipple, who founded the Anne Krupp Youth Memorial Tennis Clinic in memory of his beloved coach, Coach Anne. Ryan imparts the love of tennis to today’s youth, emphasizing tennis as a sport for a lifetime. Ryan’s clinic remains open to all participants, free of charge, funded by donations to the Anne Krupp Memorial Scholarship. What a perfect way to keep Anne Krupp’s memory and passion alive.

And today, five years later...what began as a ripple is now a tidal wave! Ryan’s clinic has grown from 20 kids to more than 50, ages 5 to 12. Some of these kids travel from distant cities in rural Ohio to be a part of this transformative opportunity. Ryan’s tireless dedication cultivates the next generation of tennis enthusiasts and continues to inspire former students who return as volunteers. The impact on the community is profound. In 2023, the community doubled its contribution, funding half of a yearly scholarship. We’re sure Anne Krupp would be proud of this amazing program that gives the joy of tennis and connects to a lifelong love of the sport.

This tiny ripple is now making powerful waves, shaping the future of every participant as well as MTEF’s. Opportunities like this hold the potential to profoundly impact the lives of young individuals. It’s crucial to remember that such transformations are made possible through the generosity of individuals like YOU. You don’t need to be the one who establishes a new tennis clinic; but you can be the one who enhances the lives of young players simply by making a gift online today. Your contribution has the power to create lasting ripples of change that can evolve into a powerful tidal wave of goodness.


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