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A Parent's Perspective

“We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.” ― Franklin D. Roosevelt

There is no better example of this than the story of the 2015 Richard Bradley Memorial Scholarship* recipient, Cameron Raglin as told by his mother, Dolores Moranraglin:

“When Cameron was playing, we didn’t have much. I would clean foreclosed homes in order to get money for him to play in tennis tournaments. Some were extreme conditions, where bug bombs had to be set off before entering to clean. Cameron, at the age of 14, never complained and side by side cleaned with me in order to raise the funds to play. He learned the value of hard work and that ethic is still with him. He has since gone on to graduate college and is going on for an MBA this year.”

Dolores instilled character and a strong work ethic in Cameron at a young age. After receiving the 2015 Richard Bradley Scholarship, Cameron used it as a building block to his future success. Dolores has stayed in touch with the Foundation and continued to donate to this scholarship, saying:

“I am so happy that I am now in a position to pay back much of the generosity that the USTA/Midwest Tennis & Education Foundation showed Cameron. He would not have been able to play the tournaments, have the training he received, play in college and be the success that he is, if not for this organization and tennis”.

We are continuing our work to “build our youth for the future”. Please help us continue to offer even more opportunities by donating today.


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