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Midwest NJTL Chapters Impacting eLearning

We are in a time where unexpected changes has altered our everyday from how we shop, work, go to school, interact with our family and friends. Now is the time we are there for each other. Our own National Junior Tennis & Learning Chapters (NJTL) are there for the community. These are nonprofit organizations that offer tennis and education for under-resourced and disadvantaged youth throughout the Midwest Section. From day one, they have working with their students and offering educational support with those who could not connect electronically. We found that children are sent home in the low-income communities with paper learning packets. These communities are lacking technological resources. Our Foundation partnered with our Midwest NJTLS, and provided tablets loaded with educational programs. They were able to give these tablets out to their families and work with them on not only an educational platform but social development. These Chapters support children in so many ways. Contact the USTA/Midwest Tennis & Education Foundation directly if you would like to get more involved.

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