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Richmond Tennis Amigos Receives $2,000 Grant

The Richmond Tennis Amigos program in Richmond, Ind. has received a $2,000 grant to support tennis sessions to be offered between April and October of 2017. The grant will help with costs for court rental, equipment, t-shirts and other supplies. This program is using tennis to create cultural connections through learning, cooperation and respect across cultures. The program is specifically for youth in Richmond and Wayne County where there is limited access to sport opportunities for underrepresented children.

The program hopes to attract approximately 180 youth from diverse backgrounds to participate in spring, summer and fall tennis sessions which will feature the USTA youth tennis format and team tennis for more advanced players. The organization is targeting 9-12 year olds through Boys’ and Girl’s Clubs, local schools and community groups. Bilingual flyers and personal visits to Latino families are tactics being used to promote the program.

With the support of this grant, an additional USTA/Midwest Diversity grant, and funding from the United Way, the goal is to offer USTA Junior Team Tennis, expand age groups reached, and create an adult tennis program in the future.

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