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Apply for MYTEF Board of Director Positions

The Midwest Youth Tennis & Education Foundation (MYTEF) Nominating Committee is seeking self-nominations for individuals with an interest and passion to fulfill the MYTEF mission to apply for a MYTEF Board of Directors position for the next term starting January 2016. We are seeking applicants who exhibit these various skills: fundraising, management, strategic planning, marketing, finance, community outreach, and human resources.

The following MYTEF Board of Director positions will be open to residents of the USTA/Midwest Section:

Executive Committee:


Vice President



One Director

Directors (10)

Self-nominations for a board position are available by submitting an online application (click Apply Now button below), and the application process will remain open until Sunday, October 11 at Midnight Eastern time.

Please contact MYTEF Nominating Committee Chair Mark Schuering with questions regarding the self-nomination process as well as more detail regarding the Board of Director positions at 217-257-6662 or via email at

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