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In Memoriam - Anne Krupp

We are sad to learn of the passing of long-time USTA/Midwest volunteer Anne Krupp.  She was a passionate tennis fan and advocate, working as a teaching professional, while putting much of her energy into working with Special Olympics and Adaptive Tennis programs.  Anne was a USTA/Midwest volunteer for 19 years serving in various capacities, and most recently served on the Adaptive Tennis Sub-Committee.

Anne, age 73, of Fostoria, Ohio, died Monday, July 6, at Bridge Hospice Center in Findlay, Ohio.  Anne is survived by her husband Tom, son Michael, daughter Lorie, three grandchildren, and a great-grandchild. 

Memorials can be made to Special Olympics (1133 19th St. NW, 12th Floor, Washington, D.C. 20036-3604). To honor Anne’s memory, the USTA/Midwest Section is making a contribution to the Midwest Youth Tennis & Education Foundation (MYTEF) in support of Special Olympics and Adaptive Tennis.  We invite others who may wish to honor Anne to donate and support her favorite causes. 

MYTEF will accept donations and earmark them for Special Olympics/Adaptive Tennis.  Donations can be mailed to the MYTEF office, or be made via the MYTEF website:  Be sure to add a note signifying that the donation is ‘in memory of Anne Krupp for Special Olympics or Adaptive Tennis’). 

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