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This year The Midwest Tennis and Education Foundation held a contest for NJTLs across the Midwest Section. The children were asked to answer one of five different questions about Black History. Check out some of their answers below! Answers in bold are contest winners!

The most inspirational story I've learned during Black History Month is... 

Dr. Martin Luther King

-Charly, 10, WI

The most inspirational story i  learned during black history month is Rosa parks. She stood up by sitting down even though she will go to jail and still do the right thing. WOW                                                 
ps [she is very, very ,very brave.

    -Yuhshyia, 10, WI

The most inspirational story I've learned during Black History Month is about Harriet Tubman and how she and others escaped from a very depressing and brutal stage in history which is slavery. Harriet wasn't at all selfish when she discovered freedom, if anything she wanted to share the freedom with her people. Harriet's mission was to help as many slaves as she can escape and defeat slavery once and for all. She has an escape route which was called, "The Underground Railroad." The Underground Railroad was where they traveled 90 miles north to Pennsylvania and won freedom. Harriet and the other slaves had secret songs they would sing so the slave masters wouldn't understand what they were saying to each other. The best movie for reference of Harriet Tubman is, "HARRIET", played by an amazing actress/ singer Cynthia Erivo. Harriet had an enormous impact on slave freedom and she will always be an inspiration for African American society.

             -Matthew, 14, IL

The most inspirational story I've learned during black history month is about martin Luther king jr. he wonted blacks and white to be nice and not racist to each other. for me this is important because god made use all the same we have the same blood color and every thing we have is the same. I chose his story because I think he is cool and I heard about him in books and movies and stuff.

          -Malikhi, 15, MI

The most inspirational story I have learned during Black history month is the creation of the Underground Railroad. Harriet Tubman was the most conductor of the Underground Railroad, a network of secret routes from the south to the North that allowed enslaved African-Americans to escape into free states. She dedicated her life to helping and freeing enslaved people to which she showed her resolve by putting herself at risk. The Underground Railroad was also developed due to the efforts of abolitionists and farmers in safe houses which emphasizes that during hard times, we should always work together to overcome it. 

         -Israel, 17, WI

Who are some famous African American figures today who make a difference?

There are a lot of famous African Americans but I know one of the most important is Ruby Bridges. Ruby Bridges is a civil rights activist. She is also the first African-American child to end the policy an all white William Frantz Elementary school in Louisiana. Ruby Bridges changed education so other African-American children can go to school with others. She even created a foundation called the Ruby Bridges Foundation which helped out her cause.

    -Lola, 12, WI

Famous African American figures who make a difference today are people like Kamala Harris and Barack Obama. These two African American figures by being the first African American President and the other Being the first woman, African American, and Asian Vice President. Another famous African American figure who makes a difference today is Oprah Winfrey. She has made a difference by being the first African American woman to be a billionaire. Those are some African American who make a difference today.

             -Arlando, 12, OH

4 African-American figures who make a difference today are Kamala Harris,Lebron James, Giannis Antetokounpo, and the 3 women who founded the black lives matter movement; Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors,and Opal Tometi. Vice President Kamala Harris is the first black women to be elected Vice President. As a senator she stood up for a healthcare reform so everyone could have health care. In 2017 a I Promise School was opened and supported by Lebron James to help black elementary kids. Lebron supported the school because he wanted to help struggling black elementary kids where he grew up. Giannis protested against police brutality and racial injustice by taking a knee during the national anthem.The black lives mater founders;Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors,and Opal Tometi started a movement to raise awareness about black people being treated unfairly, and donated money to the families of the people that were murdered by cops like Trayvon Martin, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd. I chose these people because they do a lot and have a big voice for the African-American community and it pushes me to stand up for my race and rights.

      -Kameron, 14, MI

Why do people encourage diversity in schools and workplaces?


  -Jasmine, 12, WI

I believe that people encourage diversity in schools and workplaces to help the next generation be in a place where everyone is different in their own way. It's also encouraged so that people can be around others that have a different backstory or even a different lifestyle. A kid who grows up going to a very diverse school will make friends with someone of a different race or ethnicity. This kid will also grow up respecting, admiring, and learning about his friends' heritage. In the end this kid will come out of school having an open mind about his or her peers in the future, who's heritage could be different than his or her own.

      -Ben, 14, WI

If you wanted to protest an unfair law to help other people, what would you do?

I would stand up for people who don't stand up for themselves. I would also, fight for the people who are getting hurt because of this. I would not let people like me, be treated unfairly. If I could I would step up to the police and tell them that these laws are not fair and that they should be changed (If they did not have guns!!). What if we lost our homes just because of this, I have a question, would you fight for people like you and stand up for people who won't stand up for themselves?

  -Klair , 10, OH

If I wanted to protest an unfair law to help other people I would:
⁃ Investigate the reasons why they thought the law was unfair
⁃ Ask the people their ideas on how to make the law fair
⁃ Set up a time and place to host a peaceful protest
⁃ I will lead the protest by explaining why I am doing the protest and how it effects other people                

Ending the protest, I would inform all the protesters to focus all of their energy, not on fighting but on building a new life by finding new and better things to talk about and focus their attention on.

           -Christiana Ellis, 11, IL

If I wanted to protest a unfair law I would march then make a speech. So to prepare I would work on my vocabulary and spelling. Then practice with my friends and parents. So thats how I would protest a unfair law.

       -Mariah, WI

What can you learn from someone of another race?

You can learn many things from other races and cultures.  A few that sticks out in my mind the most are dances, music, food and fashion.   What really makes American culture the best is that it is more abundant with diversity and blended with so many different influences, values and traditions.  

        -Lauryn, 15, IN

There are so many other people in the world out there, races, cultures, religions, or countries.  It’s not just me and my family.   I used to hate trying new things, and then I tried white queso cheese and loved it.   What if the world open their mind to try new things!   Besides learning new things about people everyone would make a lot more interesting friends.  We are all the same species and we have the same dreams in life.

       -Ian, 13, IN

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