Operation Dream | Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“The $1,500 support from the Foundation has made a positive difference with our boys because we now have equipment, an instructor, and transportation to have a tennis program for beginners. The funding also provided our organization the chance to give our youth nutritious meals by purchasing food through Feeding America. The boys who were involved in our tennis program demonstrated growth in their self-esteem as well as an improved ability to set goals and move forward toward attaining those goals.” #testimonial

Ann Arbor Area Community Tennis Association | Ann Arbor, Michigan

“We appreciate the $2,500 grant we received which was used to purchase equipment, pay high school coaches, and buy necessary supplies. We offered a seven week after school intramural tennis program for sixth graders at six Ann Arbor Public Middle Schools. We surpassed our goal of 150 participants as our total number of youth was 190 students. We concluded the program with an all-school tournament. Most of our students were beginners and introduced to the sport of tennis for the first time. Many students have told us they are asking for a tennis racquet for their next birthday present so they can continue playing with their friends.” #testimonial

Canaan Sellers | Rockville, Indiana

“I love playing tennis and want to play more, but my family cannot afford for me to play as much as I would like without assistance. I have received three Foundation grants which have helped pay for lessons and tournaments. Two years ago in an effort to help pay for my expenses, I wrote a letter asking for support from family and friends, and also collected aluminum cans. Last year my fundraising including making and selling tennis ornaments, and this year I am making polygon lights which look like tennis balls. During the past year I participated in 35 USTA tournaments. I hope to someday build an indoor tennis facility in my area giving kids more opportunities to play without traveling

Love to Serve | Chicago, Illinois

“Our organization received a $3,000 grant which enabled us to hire a program director and adequate staff to provide a high quality tennis program for our participants. Our tennis program takes place five days a week as part of the Chicago Park District summer day camp activities, and 300 children were introduced to tennis. We also collaborated with the Chicago Park District, and the objective of the program was to implement a new program to improve the quality of tennis in the parks by providing certified junior instructors. Fifteen of our teens who had been program participants went through the Professional Tennis Registry certified training curriculum.” #testimonial

Inner City Tennis | Cleveland, Ohio

“Our program received a $4,500 grant which we used to help pay the instructors. During the past four years our program has reached more than 1,000 children focusing on five components: tennis instruction/play, wellness, literacy, fitness, and poetry slam." #testimonial

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