Middles School League will have 180 to 200 Boy’s in the Fall season and 180-200 girls in the Spring season.  The Middle school program has two sessions one in November-December and then February-March where free tennis instruction is provided.  2018 winter/spring session had 85 kids and the Fall/Winter one coming up we are projecting 125.  Our after-school outreach program that we partner with the YMCA reaches about 20 to 25 kids per session and we have two per year.  


So all our community tennis programs will reach close to 500 kids per year.

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We are impacting the local school districts introducing (PE classes); developing (after school teams) in order to further develop High School players and affect families in the community. 


We began with team tennis for one school district (Catholic Schools) and had 300+ participants 3rd-8th grades (this is our 5th year). 


Using that template, we approached South Bend Schools and initiated the same program with a response of 60 players each season (this is our 2nd year). 


We then reproduced the same program in Mishawaka School District and 100 were involved the first year and 50 the second year.  Mishawaka then joined forces with their Parks and Rec which had dropped tennis a few years ago. 



We are following up with each school district to register their PE teachers on Net Generation and receive equipment and curriculum.  


We are also mentoring and supporting pathway programs in the community to help “connect the dots” with participation and development. 



Continue to develop the above programs and establish tennis as a sport in FOUR school districts. 


The South Bend School District is piloting sports for elementary K-5 in a new initiative with a new Athletic Director.  We are included in that task force and are targeted as one of the pilots.  There are many challenges with financing and support.  There are 14 elementary schools.  The program is in developing stage and will be presented to parents/students next Spring.  They may decide to target a few of the schools to start with, as an afterschool format with end of season play between all schools.  We hope to establish each program as “Team Challenge” through National USTA and will receive around 20 racquets, but the greatest need is administration.  We hope to establish a point person in each school and an overall coordinator which would be paid positions by stipend.   

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