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The USTA/Midwest Tennis & Education Foundation (formerly Midwest Youth Tennis & Education Foundation) took shape in 1992 under the Section leadership at the time which saw a great opportunity to make an impact in player development and help top-level juniors throughout the Midwest.  Thirty-five 'Charter Champions' made a donation to the Midwest Youth Tennis & Education Foundation to get it started, and we thank these individuals for their commitment. 


Rolla Anderson
Richard Arnold
Marian Baird
Melvin Bergman
Seymour Brode
Ronald Brooks
Chuck DeVoe
Dr. Howard Dredge
Bobbie Farley
Jim Farley
Richard Ferman, Jr.
J. Howard Frazer
Patricia Freebody
Carl Gerstacker
Dr. James Gray
George Grisdale
Joseph Grover
Forrest Hainline, Jr.
William Hudnut III
Barbara Lawrence
Bill Lofgren
Sally Lugar
Stanley Malless
Warren Manns
David Markin
Edward Nussel
John Powless
Thomas Price
Ann Schaefer
Kay Schubert
Alan Schwartz
Anthony Smith
William Stavropolous
Richard Stonesifer

Barbara Wynne




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